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"Welfare we have to explain, we have to take action for change. Our atmosphere need to be clean, to all we have to explain - We have to take action for change, we have to take action for change!!
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All these days, we have been grumbling against the system, we are forced to live in by our politicians and government administration. The system is such that we people are not able to spare a single minute for actions on problems generated by the system. Therefore this movement requires your few minutes only to enable us for following:

  1. To have a platform for raising your concern and voice. "VICHAR KARE"
  2. To improve the working of civic bodies. How it can happen? Click here for details...
  3. 50% of taxes paid by you, should be spent for your locality. How? To know click here...

  1. A model to form civic centers having control over manageable area and power to collect taxes.
  2. A model enabling to wipe-off the current election system - a root cause of corruption.

Road encroachment at sec -62, Noida
Also 7th/8th fail youth doing juice etc. like small business on four wheel rickshaw shows status of education in our country.
A regulating body in the area under public private partnership is surely a solution to the problem.
Action For Change NGO
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DDA Commercial Complex, Road No.-44,
Pitam Pura, Delhi - 110034

How many rounds to Govt. offices or will touts vanish?

One window service to residents of area covered.

END OF REACTIONS - After presenting solution to various problems of Govt. & public in this column we hope that public might have understood the solution and thereby our society wish that this may be spread to all corners of our country and therefore invite suggestion and or help in doing that. Please download "JAN JAGRAN PATRAK" & distribute with explaining it to General public.