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"Welfare we have to explain, we have to take action for change. Our atmosphere need to be clean, to all we have to explain - We have to take action for change, we have to take action for change!!
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NAME  OF THE SOCIETY : Action for Change NGO
REGISTERED OFFICE :  106, Pocket-14, Sector-24, Rohini, Delhi-110085
Email Of Contact :

Our Mission

The alarming and root problems which our country is facing today are:

  • Poor governance in government, business and institutions;
  • Malaise of corruption corroding the face of our nation; and
  • Illiterates and poor have been left on mercy of others.

This has happened due to the following–

  • Centralisation and uncoordinated dispersal of government‘s regulating agencies leading to deficit in supervision and loose census of people and properties in an area; and
  • The taxes collected go up and then come down to various departments through budgets leading to problems associated with assessment, availability and use of funds. This system has led to legacy of file approvals and erosion of funds while flowing down. The former creates problem for the whole public and later widens the rich-poor gap.

The solution to above problems will be the following–

  • Establishing a civic centre in an area of about 10Km. by converting municipality/panchayat buildings in that area with following duties:
  • To renovate and maintain and in villages to develop the area;
  • To supervise the on goings in the area;
  • To keep census and details of inhabitants there;
  • To provide one window service for all government departmental work; and
  • To train and help the illiterates, poor and helpless of the area.
  • To fund and facilitate above the civic centre will have following powers:-
  • To collect taxes from residents and business /factory premises/land owners of that area according to their capacity based on one point taxation system;
  • To recruit or engage only those staff or professionals or contractors etc. who are residing/ established in that area; and
  • To frame an unappealable charge sheet against persistent violators in the area.
AND our mission is to suggest and, if needed, to press government for above.


Our Vision

To see that India becomes a world class city of ‘haves’ by developing the present ‘have nots’.


Aims and Objects:

  1. To study, analyze and spread knowledge about deficiencies and shortcoming in govt. departments and agencies in order to suggest steps for an improved manner of their working;
  2. To spread awareness about prevalent system of government and to invite opinions, thoughts & suggestions for changes; from Indian public by means of polls, surveys, website etc;
  3. To inculcate a desire among Indian people to force for better governance of their neighborhood and public utility departments and services;
  4. To frame & develop alternate models & systems of  governance of country and to coordinate with various government departments for developing a consensus on alternate models of governance.;
  5. To develop, suggest and to fight for change in constitution and/or related acts and ordinances wherever needed.
  6. To encourage people from different backgrounds to volunteer to work towards improving the conditions of underprivileged people and widening their horizons, thereby in turn getting benefited themselves.
  7. To work towards the empowerment and improvement of the condition of the marginal and downtrodden sections of society by providing them vocational training thus enabling them to be self reliant.
  8. To provide libraries, publish books on educational, cultural & social subjects, organize discussions & seminars to impart knowledge and understanding amongst the people.
  9. For the betterment of staff member & society people there should be always a meeting with the higher administration of the government of the court administration.
  10. To arrange & organize the social, cultural & educational programmes from time to time.
  11. To provide information and education / useful knowledge and the medical advice to general public regarding the vices of the society like drugs, use of alcohol, smoking, AIDS etc.through holding awareness camps for medication and also organize the lectures by export terms of doctors, generalists, lawyers, professionals and other learned persons.
  12. To create a sense of belonging, Co-operation, mutual harmony love and affection amongst the member and general public.
  13. To act on establishing or rendering helps to any institution for the alleviation of human suffering.
  14. To render services to the women, children and youth of the country for there actual moral, social and rights.
  15. To create awareness through print media & electronic media among farmers, villagers, cottage industries owners and mass of the people at micro level about policies, programmes and development initiates being carried/taken on by government at centre and state level.
  16. To give voice to the problems , grievances and lack of development being faced by farmers, villagers, cottage and rural industries owners, so as to their quick redressal at Government and Administrative level.
  17. To prepare the awareness generation kits, posters, banners, audio-video cassettes, puppet shows, skits, documentaries etc regarding various social issues and for the attainment of the aims and objects of the above society.
  18. To publish Books, Charts, illustrations, Journals, magazines, periodicals, News letters/papers and  other publications on the different subjects and in different languages for the promotion of above aims and objects of the above society.
  19. To assist and co-operate the other Society, Societies, Trusts in their work/activities whose aims are same like this society.
  20. Society will invest its money and funds according to section 11(5) of the Income Tax Act of 1961.
  21. To receive financial and non-financials assistance from Govt./Non Government organization, international bodies, Bank, Company and any other legal entity or individual for attainment the objective of the organization and to fulfill the needs of the people.
  22. To accept donations, great presents, gifts and other offerings in the shape of movable of immovable properties and the same shall be utilized for the promotion of aims and objects of the above society.
  23. To collect notices, notifications, policies, information from the Govt., Semi-Govt., NGO and other  National/International agencies and provide the same to the members of the society and the general public.
  24. The aims and objects of the society shall be purely for ‘CHARITABLE PURPOSE’ which includes relief of the poor, educational, social, medical relief and the advancement of any other objects of general public utility.
  25. To erect, construct, alter, maintain improve, develop, manage and control all or any part of the property or the building of the above society, necessary or convenient for the purpose of the attainment of the aims and object of the society.
  26. To purchase/acquire the land and/or building in the name of the society for the upliftment and fulfillment of the aims and objects of the society.
  27. To do such other things/acts/activities which are necessary and which may be incidental or conductive to the attainment of any of the object of the society.
  28. All the income, earnings, movable or immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only as set forth in the Memorandum of the society and no profit thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or the past members of the society or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or the past members No members of the society shall have any personal claim on any movable or immovable properties of the society or make any profit, whatsoever, by virtue of this membership.
GOVERNING BODY :-  The name, address, occupation & designation of the present members of the governing body ,to whom the management of society is entrusted as  required under section 2 of the Societies registration Act,1860 as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi are as under :-
State Name & Address Occupation Designation
Delhi Pawan Kumar Vijay
A-3/2-3, Sector-11,
Rohini, Delhi-110085
Business President
Delhi Ashok Goel
A-122, Saraswati Vihar,
Delhi – 110034 
Business            Vice -President
Delhi Arun K. Varshney
58, Engineers Enclave,
Pitam Pura, Delhi-110034
C.A Gen. Secretary
Delhi Joginder Chugh
E-23B,Vijay Nagar,
C.A(Inter) Treasurer
Uttranchal Girish Chandra
H.No.-31, Vill./Town,
Sateenaugaon Talla,
Thana- Dwarhat,
Distt.- Almorah,
Service               Member
Delhi Surjit singh Luthra
J-10/34, Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi-110027
Service Member
Delhi Ashok Kumar
622, Pocket- GH/13,
Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087
Advocate           Member
Delhi Lakhpat  Rai  Gupta
2478/190, Tri Nagar,
Service             Member
Uttar Pradesh Bipin Varshney
7/164, Gandhi Marg,
Sarai Hakim, Aligarh,
Uttar Pradesh – 202001
Advocate          Member
Action For Change NGO
206 B, Apra Plaza, Plot no. 28,
DDA Commercial Complex, Road No.-44,
Pitam Pura, Delhi - 110034

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