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  • The tasks before new Govt. in 2014

    The Economic times dt. 29th March, 2013 Pg.1

    Report - The Current Account deficit – viz. Ratio of consumption of goods & services from overseas to what it sells abroad (currency outgo – currency receipts) reaches 6.7 % thus making Indian currency weak in overseas market.

    The Economic times dt. 21st March, 2013 Pg.1

    Report - CEOs of different Industrial Sectors vent their anger over red tape & slow decision making of Government . Similar reports showing governance failure on the part of government are appearing in March news papers.

    reactions comments

    This also happened in the year before the Election when chances of reelection of Congress were dim and actually BJP came to Power as NDA in 1999 and the BJP Govt. had a tough task Before it of recouping the FOREX reserves. The same will now happen in 2014 . The new Government wil have uphill tasks before it of handling the economy and will not be able to take up the basic issue of improving the education system in India under present taxation system.


    The only solution before new Government is to bring in the changes as recommended at this site immediately on assuming power at centre. All allies may be accommodated on this one condition that they will work for bringing those changes unconditionally.

    Hindi Hindustan dt. 31st March, 2013 Pg.8

    Report - The news highlight the failure of ‘Right to Education’ (RTE) Act which provided for setting up facilities and schools in different states for enabling free education to Children from 6 to 14 years. It shows with statistics how miserably the states took the Act and failed to achieve the targets set even after completion of three years since its enactment . A survey shows that 61% children of Vth class were not even able to read books beside other such pathetic conclusions. This failure clearly reflect that ‘EDUCATION IS NOT A PRIORITY TO BOTH CENTRE AND STATES.’ The report also shows that various states have announced to open more schools or giving recognition to small scale private schools, but there is utter dearth of trained teachers. So 13 States have been given permission to employ untrained, unsuitable teachers.

    reactions comments

    In short the question is why those thirteen States of India are not able to improve the standards of education. The answer is the vicious circle- appointment of low quality teachers leads to low quality education and so produces low quality teachers. The schools once built are left over the loose administrators and no check is kept over quality . No punishments are applied for dereliction of duties.


    The solution lies in changing the Municipality Services ACT and the taxation system of India on the lines provided in this site.

  • TOI dt. 02-05-2012 - Pg.11

    TOI dt. 02-05-2012 - Pg.11 - Govt's bid to widen tax base comes unstuck.

    reactions comments

    In the wake of high inflation people are pressed for survival or standard maintaining problem and so how they can think of paying taxes. The high indirect taxes are already breaking the back of middle class. There appears distinct possibility of widening of tax base if present taxation regime continues.


    The NEW Tax REGIME is the only solution for widen & equitable tax base.

  • TOI dt. 08-04-2012 - Pg.14

    TOI dt. 08-04-2012 - Pg.14 ' LOCAL BABUS WANT ME TO FAIL, I WON'T GIVE UP' Says CHHAVI RAJWANT , MBA and SARPANCH of village Soda near Jaipur.

    reactions comments

    In the interview the revolutionist sarpanch express her anger over delay and hurdles created in approving and funding of projects suggested by her.


    Here again all such problems will vanish once the 'NEW TAX REGIME' suggested herein is implemented. So all such revolutionists are urged to start fight for adoption of regime by the H'ble Parliament of India.

  • TOI dt. 07.03.2012 - 12-03-2012

    TOI dt. 07.03.2012 - 12-03-2012 - SAMAJWADI PARTY forms Govt. in UP and Mr. Akhilesh Yadav took oath as young CM

    reactions comments

    The promises made by the party in election manifesto talks about help to poor and upgradation of educational facilities in the state. However the earlier governments misused the funds and were not able to keep such promises or fulfilled only to few extents. Therefore Akhilesh Govt. has a great challenge before it of proper use of funds.


    The new Govt. of UP may recognize the rights of Gram sabhas and city councils and by allotting equal funds to all of them may enact a social service security Act allotting functions as spelt out in this site ( for a civic centre) . Only then in our opinion , the Govt. will succeed in satisfying aspirants/deserving of schemes announced throughout the state and also thus the whole state will develop and will be free of dirt and inequalities.

  • TOI dt. 09.02.2012

    TOI DT. 26.04.2012 - RTI ACTIVIST Mr. Ravinder Balwani murdered in mysterious circumstances.

    reactions comments

    The irregularities in Govt. procedures and bungling in deals finalized by PSUs or in arrangements approved by Ministries have become a regular phenomenon. Although protest by honest officials or disclosures through RTI Act put a check on something for some time but Mafia find some other way and funds and organizations remain mismanaged.


    The revamping of whole system of Govt. functioning in Public service field is the only solution. A check on generation of Black money by adopting 'New Tax regime' Spelt out in this site is the only solution for allowing Mafias to enjoy in a legitimate way and also to use their money for upliftment of poor and area around them.

  • Comments on LOKPAL BILL

    LOKPAL BILL - NEWS & INCIDENTS REPORTED SINCE MAY'11 REFER - Hindi Hidustan dt. 9.7.2011 Pg.10, Hindi Hindustan dt.4.7.2011 Pg.1

    The Economic Times dt.16.6.2011 Pg.2, The Economic Times dt. 6.6.2011 Pg.14-The Edit Page- Article -When Black is not beautiful, Hindi Hindustan dt. 7.6.2011 Pg.10, Hindi Hindustan dt. 17.6.2011 Pg.1, TOI dt. 31.5.2011 Pg.1 on End of Road for Lokpal panel?

    The news and incidents reported and corroborated by messages sent by E-mail on computers and/or statements of Govt. ministers have led to one conclusion that the Govt. wishes to suppress people's voice by one way or the other and there is utter lack of political will for any change in the running systems. The Government does not wish to be transparent at all.

    reactions comments

    The moot questions or confusions in public mind appear to be the following:-

  • Will an independent LOKPAL be the solution to rampant corruption in Public departments? How will it check the delay caused by Babus th. Misplacing a file or application?
  • Why Govt. is reluctant to adopt the Lokpal Bill submitted to it with the consent of the general Public as it is? This Lokpal Bill has been under consideration of the Govt. since 1960, then why did not they take steps earlier on their own for its formulation. Now when a bill which is in the interest of the public at large can't it be passed in parliament in one shot like MP's Salary bill? What is the need for other versions of the bill now? The parliament is of the people, by the people and for the people.
  • What can be the solution for small level corruptions - like service only on receiving bribe, help only to known or relatives, low quality of public work, dereliction of duties, bogus or ineffective employees, no written or fixed functions of MLAs ,litter on roads etc. etc. etc. ? Who will complain? How the LOKPAL will entertain them?
  • How 'Parivartans' enlisted by Sh. Anna at the time of opening the fast can be brought?

  • Solution

    Firstly there should be Judicial reforms by including 'Negative Voting' and 'Public right to recall' in our voting & election system. This will enable the election of true representative of public and hearing of public voice in making or amending a system. A minimum qualification is fixed for MPs & MLAs etc. Secondly general Public is very angry about taxes imposed by the Govt...
    The taxation system has led to-
  • Generation of Black money which in turn is responsible for all sorts of corruptions (please think deeply) , and Very high inflation- all standard things have become very costly and middle & lower classes have to reconcile with low quality goods. But the tragedy is this that they have no alternative to suggest. We all should devote time in arriving at an alternative taxation system. One such system I have suggested as 'New Tax Regime' (NTC) is appearing on our website

  • In short, the system is like as follows-

    A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL AND HIGHLY POWERFUL CIVIC CENTRE in the AREA of an MLA or PANCHAYAT headed by a BOARD comprising of MLA,COUNCILORS/PANCHAYAT MEMBERS of the area and an equal number of Govt. nominees technically sound in its functions WITH POWER to keep census of public and properties(land, Building & vehicles only) and TO COLLECT a SINGLE POINT TAX based on properties of permanent residents of the area and turnover of businesses/services being carried out in the area. A FIXED AMOUNT out of taxes collected by different centers in a state can be handed over(or left with) to the civic centre by CMO office and balance can be passed on to the central Government to run ministries and to carry out national level works.

    SUCH a CIVIC CENTRE will render the following functions

  • Maintenance & beautification of the area;
  • Regulating contracts being executed in the area;
  • Ensuring good education in schools;
  • Ensuring good medical services in the area;
  • Liaison services to residents for passport, Registry, ID cards, connections etc.
  • Running training centers for weak students, downtrodden & the illiterates.
  • Helping the needy locals & people having low understanding.

  • Hindi Hindustan dt.16.6.2011

    Declaration of achievements of Ms. Mayawati's U.P Govt.

    reactions comments

    The dirt, garbage dumps and poor sanitation conditions in villages/districts and broken highways , roads and dust/mud spread everywhere in U.P except in few areas of Noida, Lucknow or few towns and poor conditions in Govt. schools & dispensaries clearly reflect that either civic agencies of the concerned areas are not bothered about cleanliness & maintenance or they do not wish to spend funds on these .Thus the achievements enumerated by Ms. Mayawati Govt. have not improved the living conditions in U.P towns. Further the report card of each and every scheme will generally reflect help to the public who did not deserve or needed it. The declaration does not show district -wise upliftment of the poor people or where the money has been spent. What is the use of such a report (just an eyewash) when the image of the state has not improved? The same is the story in many other states.

    Area wise civic centers only can provide fruitful statistics about use of public money.

    And thus can provide a data to Chief Minister which can be relied upon by public. CMO should concentrate only on matters relating to all round development of state through managing civic centers.

  • TOI dt. 18.7.2011 Pg.14

    About failure of Satyagrah by Baba Ramdev

    reactions comments

    Many reasons can be advocated and many lessons can be taught but one thing is clear that in our country a non-political man can not raise his voice publicly and all his efforts may seem to be a drama to many sections of the public. The sorry state is that when opposition parties were being accused of supporting Baba Ramdev, they could come out openly and by using their mass bases or workers throughout the country, could bring a revolution for getting results on causes taken up by Baba Ramdev. But sadly nothing such happened. That's why it appears that religious or spiritual gurus confine themselves to the motto of 'Improving the society' and ignore the all essential campaigns for 'Improving the system'. In such a situation, public themselves will have to encourage their leaders to take up issues relating to inefficiency of the Govt. & its employees and to support the groups taking up issues relating to changes in the system with full force like- Janlokpal Bill Andolan.

  • TOI dt. 31.5.2011 Pg.1

    Proposal for Splitting MCD, Delhi into three & 50% reservation for women in them.

    Hindustan dt. 16.6.20011 Pg. 7 - Rs. 700 crore Plan for Relaying of 111 more than 45` roads by MCD.

    reactions comments

    The public may please note that the later news is quite opposing or is in contradiction with the former. When splitting & reservation proposal is in the fray how any new plan can be announced by MCD? First the proposal should have been settled out.

    Secondly please note and watch that two and a half year have passed since General elections and there was no relaying done, now the plan will materialize by the end of 2012- Roads will be re-laid in 2013 just to garner support of public in casting vote in 2014.

    If you recall, this is happening again and again. Moreover pl. keep track on-whether work announced is done and, if yes, on its quality.

  • Mail Today dt. 15-4-2010, Pg.-15

    A report on documentary film 'Harvest of Grief' depicts the plight of Punjab farmers resulting in suicide by about 2500 farmers every year there. Since 1988 human rights activists have been trying to bring rural suicide to the government's notice but in vain.

    Only two people Mr. K.Narayanan and Mr. A.P.J abdul kalam helped them. Now the director of the film hoped that the film will prod the central govt. to do something for the beleaguered agricultural state.

    reactions comments

    The moot question is why there was need to draw attention of govt. to something which could well be known had some Govt office been assessing the situation and solving the problem right at the spot? In short, Government should decentralize and help the people one to one.

  • My Times dt. 19.3.2010, Pg.-1

    The article is highlighting the bad road conditions of age old Wazirpur Industrial area which was brought to the notice of Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The reply of MCD official was -

    "We were not aware of any such problem. But now that we know, we will definitely look into the matter and see what can be done."

    reactions comments

    Had there been an agency/office owned and regulated under public -pvt. Partnership system in the area such type of situation would have never arisen. The money or taxes paid by industrialists of the area are not being spent for their well being as they do not know where their taxes are and how they are being spent.

  • Mail Today dt 16.04.2010 Page 2

    Nearly 100 victims of the Bhopal Gas tragedy are camping in the capital to press for the setting up of an empowered commission for rehabilitation.

    reactions comments

    Even after passing so many, the government are not able to solve the problem of rehabilitation just because centralization of power and funds. The people at centre fail to implement assurance give due to missing one to one touch to public. The state govt. feel helpless due to paucity of funds. Had there been office collecting taxes from the affected area  and having power to spend same therein, the problem could have sorted out much earlier. The affluent of Bhopal could bear the burden of deprived or surplus of one Bhopal area could be spent in the other.

  • Mail Today dt. 16.04.2010 Page 26

    The country’s inflation rate spiraled to 9.9% in March, according to official figures released.

    reactions comments

    Had there been area wise control over demand and supply of products, the situation would've been different definitely.

  • My Times dt 16.04.2010, Page 1

    The menace of stray cattles continues. Despite assurances and efforts of MCD officer to check the menace, it is continuing.

    reactions comments

    The reason you many know is the lack of infrastructure, will on the part of MCD employee and lack of efforts. The area wise control or as residents demands control by private contractor will be letter.

  • Times of India dt.17.04.2010 - Times City Page.4

    On April 12 in the early hours a track smashed into the crash barriers on Moolchand flyover, leaving the wreckage dangerously jutting out, right in the way of traffic. But till April 17 no one bothered to remove the wreckage or repair the damage.

    reactions comments

    This happiness as there is no supervision & maintenance area wise. Further the working of city government has no lost in procedures that the ultimate action comes out only after someone puts pressure from above. They also appoint private contractors who does the work in double of the amount needed for repair etc. Public should come out and demand the report on action and amount spent.

  • Times of India dt 17.04.2010 Page 4

    LG begins process for preparation of local area plans (LAPs) for Delhi's 272 municipal wards after notification of all 18 zonal plans under Master Plan 2021. These plans will have the involvement of the community that will use the facility like parking lot, recreation centre, market etc. Monitoring committee led by renowned planner E.F.N Rebeiro has been formed to set the process rolling.

    reactions comments

    Why only Delhi? This is required everywhere in India. The neglect of other parts of India is increasing pressure on Metros and that is the reason why all plans fail even in Metros like parking plans, ceiling plan etc.

    -Members of disaster management authority carry out a rescue drill in CAG building?

  • Times of India, Times City Page.2

    Glaring example of failure of government scheme:- The Mayapuri radiation fiasco could have been avoided had the department of environment been more rigorous about registering scrap dealers who deals in hazardous waste. As it happened the registration scheme - which was started some time back - was not pushed adequately and only 50 of the 250 dealers were registered.

    reactions comments

    Why government bow before the public pressure? It should anticipate public resistance to any thing good, so it should educate & explain first what is good for them and then be hard.

  • Reactions of appropriate action on the part of Govt.

    • Excise scandal in Nicobar Island and Home Ministry shielded the IAS officer involved.  The guilty persons in Ministry should be banned forever from entering into politics within seven days of conviction or proving of charges.

    • CRPF personnel found giving arms to Mao Naxalites. If found guilty the culprits should be given strictest punishment in public view.
    • In china two person found convicted in adulteration of Baby Milk powder were hanged within seven days of conviction and admission of crime. Such transparent act will surely act as deterrent for further such crime. Why this can not happen in India?
    reactions comments

    There appears to be no professional action plan in this respect. The forms have been distributed without sufficient instructions. The agencies have been hired and their personnel appear to be least concerned about the work. The collection of forms may start when the last date will be near and all sorts of discrepancies will be liable to creep into the data. A permanent agency having office within the town/colony/village knowing the area and residents well should have been assigned this onerous work with proper instructions and checks to ensure toughness in the matter.

  • Tender Notice of MCD in TOI dt. 22.5.2010 Pg.4

    This advertisement is for outsourcing of 'Facility Management services to an outside Agency on contract basis.

    reactions comments

    Such type of outsourcing is not yielding good results. Firstly at tender stage favour practice can not be ruled out. Then the agency hired may not strictly comply with the terms and may start cutting the quality within two or three years . Lastly as per prevalent conditions there will be utter lack of control and supervision over the working of outside agency and public will suffer directly.

    In stead the whole MCD may be divided into zone wise Public-Pvt. Bodies. And a fixed amount be handed over to these divisions to carry out all civic work of their area and for managing their affairs transparently i.e within the knowledge of public.

  • MAIL TODAY Pg. 12 dt. 22.5.2010

    Rs. 200 crore land scam unearthed in capital regarding misuse of land purchased from DDA ar concessional rate for schools etc. by Anti corruption branch (ACB) of Delhi Government.

    reactions comments

    Will this move fail like ceiling drive of MCD in Rohini area. Still in various sectors of Rohini the builders have encroached open space to increase to built up area on 60 meters plots.

  • Road enroachment at Sec-62, Noida

    reactions comments

    This road in front of block A-20 to A-31, sector-62, Noida was quite clean and free till Nov. 09 when only few institutional buildings were there. Now with the coming up of three or four more buildings and increase in number of employees working there, the position is as shown in photographs. This clearly reflect the inefficency, ill conceived plans and lack of control of civic bodies concerned.

    A regulating body in the area under public private partnership is surely a solution to the problem.

  • TOI dt. 7.6.2010 Pg.1: Vendors to be evicted in Games Clean-up

    The clean-up drive for commonwealth games may now start hitting neighbourhood services most Delhites depend on.

    Deep Mathur, MCD press and information director, said the civic agency doesn't issue licences to cobblers, local vegetable sellers, push carts and press walas.

    reactions comments

    Instead of evicting or clearing up such essential service providers, they may be re-located in the DDA vacant lands and shops in commercial complexes lying idle since long period of time. Govt. can frame a policy for creating a data bank of such service providers and then shops can be built at vacant places or idle areas of different parks and can then be alloted to old vendors for having long term solution.

  • July 31 Mail Today - Pg.1

    A large scale insurance fraud has been detected in the 'Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna( National Health Insurance scheme) in Kanpur , which according to an estimate could be worth Rs. 200 crore. The money appeared to have been withdrawn in the name of fake card holders.

    reactions comments

    Such a misuse of scheme can be avoided by firstly, replacing the prevalent taxation system by one wherein the money flows in from the same locality where it is meant to be spent and secondly, by getting the scheme implemented through a public -pvt. Body which is having census data of the area..

  • News in all Newspapers from 15th July to 31st July

    Poor construction of CWG venues and wastage of funds by departments allocated for the work of beautification of city.

    reactions comments

    This is another poor example of lack of coordination among Govt. departments on the one hand and use of unskilled labour (mostly youngsters) ,even for the jobs requiring skilled labour force, by the contractors appointed for skilled works without adequate quality supervision by qualified engineers of the Govt. Departments.

  • August 11,2010 TOI-Pg.2

    Disabled athletes take the protest to minister's home.

    reactions comments

    Such an action shows that there is no local agency to look after their requirements or to represent them for begging from the central pool of funds. A local body collecting tax from their area would have been better placed to provide such help in time.

  • August 11,2010 TOI-Pg.2

    'We did not delay underpass', says Railways in reply to a claim of PWD regarding Apsara border underpass near Anand Vihar that was delayed due to late approval from Railways.

    reactions comments

    It is another glaring example of poor coordination and follow up among various Govt. departments. Had the work been looked after by a local professional body with all the powers, such a delay could have been avoided.

  • August 27,2010 TOI, Front page

    The Indian hockey team's spanish coach , Jose Brasa, has accused Hockey India(HI) of treating him 'like a slave' and claimed he was ' cheated' by the federation and sports authority of India who did not honour their word on taking care of his family's accommodation and education. He indicted HI for not serious about reviving hockey in India. He says " I have lost. Your system has won . I tried my best to change it. I pleaded, I cried .I did everything. But it won't budge."

    reactions comments

    The foreign nationals are also concluding increasingly that the systems in India are not at all conducive to growth and improvement in any field. Thereby there is a strong need to revitalize or change the system otherwise the image of our country will go down continuously.

  • Setember 5 HT, Page 16

    Khushwant singh writes on ' WHAT DO OUR MPs DESERVE FOR THEIR PERFORMANCE'? He presents few facts like- more than half MPs are crorepatis. They Occupy big bunglows with large gardens or flat in the poshest areas of New Delhi. And then they perform poorly in parliament. In the words of Somnath Chatterjee as written in his memoirs , out of 1738 hours and 45 minutes , the fourteenth Lok Sabha wasted 423 hours because of disruptions and adjournments i.e 29% time of the house. In such situation we are ashamed of our MPs. They do not deserve a three-fold increase in their salaries, first class travel, fringe benefits and pensions.

    reactions comments

    Most of those MPs and even concerned ministers who do not disrupts house are also quite ignorant about what a bill contains. The bills are prepared and fine tuned by technical officers and even corrections in a bill are suggested by technical consultants to ministers. Thereby a MP reach to parliament with an idle mind and an idle mind will surely carry on devil's work or will just pass a bill as it is. If the technical officers themselves are made MPs , the country will surely get worth for salaries paid to them on one hand and will save crores of rupees being spent by MPs on their image building on the other.

  • TOI dt. 08-12-2010 - Page-3

    News- Rs. 22 crore meant for kids spent on staff salaries out of 23.5 cr. Allocated for healthcare of children studying in MCD primary schools.

    According to MCD officials, lack of initiative by school staff and no proper knowledge about the schemes mostly lead to the funds being underutilized. The paper concludes -" While MCD spends Rs. 22 crore on salaries, the staff which sits at Gulabi Bagh is not able to reach the schools to carry out proper check-ups due to shortage of vehicles, according to officials. There is also shortage of helpers, added an official.

    reactions comments

    REACTION- The MCD officials themselves agree that implementation of any welfare scheme remain poor. It happens due to lack of proper planning in initial stages and due to agency appointed remaining handicapped due to imbalance among staff, vehicles & helpers. Whereas many departments of MCD have surplus vehicles and helpers which could be deputed for taking up schools one by one instead of employing staff for all the schools together. An area wise civic centre was a better option to implement the scheme.

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